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Discover the elegance and power of the Antari HZ-400 Professional Haze Machine, the top choice for professionals looking for high-quality haze, quiet operation, and high capacity with low fluid consumption. The machine is equipped with two smog nozzles capable of producing large volumes of nearly invisible smog, consistently fine transparency without the need for temperature control or warm-up time.

-Main feature:
Maintenance-free built-in air compressor
Special fluid tank design
Two powerful mist nozzles
Onboard DMX 512 for total control

The HZ-400 is equipped with a powerful, quiet and efficient internal compressor. The advanced haze transfer mechanism and its special fluid tank ensure reliable and consistent operation.

- Additional information:
Compatible fluid: Antari HZL Haze Fluid
Controls: Manual, Timer, DMX and optional wireless
Liquid tank capacity: 2.5 Liters (0.66 gallons)
Operating time: 37 hours at maximum output
Weight: 18.5 kg
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